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LenSx Laser Cataract Surgery


Laser-assisted surgery is a preferred treatment option for many patients, and Dr. Gregory Snodgrass was the area’s first eye physician to use the LenSx Laser Cataract System.

LenSx laser-assisted cataract surgery is pain-free, significantly more accurate than traditional surgical procedures and promotes faster recovery. Many patients report improved vision before even leaving the recovery room.

The Laser Surgical Procedure

LenSx precisely maps the eye using high-resolution images to provide detailed measurements and other data used to perform the surgery. A computer-guided laser makes a tiny incision in the eye, through which the surgeon inserts a small probe. That probe emits ultrasonic energy to break up the damaged lens.

A second probe is then used to suction out the tiny fragments, followed by a third probe used to insert and position the new artificial intraocular lens implant.


Patients generally spend just 30-60 minutes in the surgical center recovery room before being discharged to go home. An eye shield is usually worn continually for the first several hours, and then during sleep for a few days.

Some patients experience short-term side effects including cloudy or blurred vision or redness. Many patients see clearly almost immediately, while others require a week or two for full benefit. 

Is Laser-Assisted Surgery Right for You?

The only way to know for sure is to schedule a comprehensive eye exam including specialized cataract diagnosis. Your ophthalmologist will evaluate your cataract symptoms to determine if surgery is necessary at this stage. If so, the doctor will take time to explain your surgical options and answer any questions. 

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