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15 Surprising Facts about Your Eyes

by dwasylow 16 May 2014 01:10 AM

Eyes are truly remarkable. They enable us to see the world, convey emotion and connect with others. Some people never fully appreciating these little miracles. At Gainesville Eye Physicians, we love eyes and enjoy passing along that passion to others. So, to give you a little more “insight” – from fun facts to little known threats to special abilities – here are some things you probably didn’t know about your eyes.

  1. Your eyes can get sunburned.
  2. You can get freckles in your eyes.
  3. You blink approximately 15,000 times a day.
  4. 20/20 vision isn’t perfect. It simply means you can see at 20 feet what the average person can see at 20 feet.
  5. Newborns don’t produce tears. Tears don’t actually start flowing until babies are 4-13 weeks old.
  6. Staring at the sun too long can indeed cause blindness. It’s not just a scare tactic used by moms.
  7. Eyesight can get better with age.
  8. The lens in your eye is quicker than the world’s fastest camera lens.
  9. Each eye contains 107 million light sensitive cells.
  10. Eyes heal remarkably fast. With proper care, the average corneal scratch can heal in just a few days.
  11. Of all the muscles in your body, those around the eyes are the most active.
  12. Ophthalmologists can tell a lot about the state of your overall body health during an eye exam.
  13. Arteries and veins in the back of the eye can be a predictor of heart disease in women, and occasionally in men.
  14. Eye tics/twitches can be attributed to hypoglycemia, or abnormally low blood sugar levels.
  15. Blurry vision, improper pupil dilation, optic nerve color and other eye conditions can be indicators of potential brain tumors.

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