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How to Find the Right Contact Lenses

by dwasylow 16 January 2014 05:47 AM

There are basically two non-surgical options for correcting your vision. Either, wear glasses or try contacts. Even with thousands of choices in designer eyeglass frames, some people still prefer the look and benefits of wearing contacts.

Benefits of Contacts

  • Less likely to be obstructed by accumulated debris or smudges since they rest directly on your eyes and are cleared each time you blink
  • Greater field of view
  • Less likely to interfere with performance during sports and games
  • Resist fogging up due to extreme temperature changes

What do you need to do in order to wear contacts?

First, you need to schedule an appointment with your eye doctor for a routine eye exam and contact lens fitting. If you haven’t had your routine eye exam yet, we recommend you do so soon. It’s one of the first things most people should have on their lists for the New Year.

Since contacts lie directly on the eye, your eye doctor must measure your eye in order to prescribe the correct contact lenses. This is a quick and painless procedure.

Following these exams, the doctor will sit down with you and go over the basics of wearing and cleaning your contact lenses. This is important. If you neglect proper cleaning or otherwise fail to take care of your contacts, you could end up with complications.

There are different methods for putting in your contacts; it all depends on your muscle reactions and how well you can keep your eye open when inserting contact lenses. This fun video below gives a general guide on how to put in and take out your contacts:


It’s important to use a good contact solution to clean your contacts. Your eye doctor can recommend a solution that matches the type of contacts you wear.

The doctor will give you a pair of trial contact lenses to test out over the course of a week so you can get a feel for them. After that week, you’ll come back and he’ll check your eyes for any irritation or damage. If he finds no complications and you’re comfortable wearing contacts; he will ask you if you want one-day, weekly, monthly or continuous wear contacts.

The most comfortable contacts are often the one-day disposables, since you have a fresh pair each day, but they also tend to be more expensive. Ask your eye doctor what he recommends and you’re sure to enjoy a clearer outlook on the world.



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