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Cataract Symptoms and Treatment with the LenSx Laser

by 352admin 7 March 2015 12:19 PM


Developing cataracts can be incredibly frustrating. Early on, their impact on vision is limited, but the condition inevitably grows worse over time. Without treatment, cataracts effectively rob patients of their vision.

So, how do you know if you or someone you love is developing cataracts, and what cataract treatment option is best? Let’ start with a list of some common cataract symptoms.

Cloudy or blurred vision –This will likely impact only a small area of vision at first. Your vision may be blurry when looking one direction but not another. Eventually, however, it will take over your entire field of view.

Double vision –Double vision is a dangerous early symptom for cataract patients. It can produce balance issues that can result in falls or hazardous driving.

Lens discoloration –Patients with lens discoloration notice that colors dull, often distorted as if by a brown or yellow film. Purples and blues can be particularly difficult to see.

Light sensitivity, glare and halos –Lights (natural and synthetic) can be far too bright for people with cataracts. They can also produce uncomfortable glare or disorienting halos.

If you or a loved one is coping with any of these symptoms, see your eye care provider for a cataract screening. If you do have cataracts, ask about your treatment options, including laser cataract surgery.  

Treatment with the LenSx Laser System

Cataracts don’t go away on their own, and they can’t be cured with medications. Surgery is the only effective treatment option. So, the question that remains is whether you should choose traditional surgery or laser surgery.

At Gainesville Eye Physicians, we recommend LenSx Laser System for most patients.

LenSx laser cataract surgery has many benefits over traditional surgical methods. It’s pain-free and promotes faster recovery. Some patients report improved vision within minutes or hours, even before they leave the surgery center. LenSx is also completely bladeless and significantly more accurate than manual procedures.

Dr. Snodgrass at Gainesville Eye Physicians is one of the first eye surgeons in North Central Florida to offer the LenSx system. To find out if this amazing treatment is right for you contact our offices in Gainesville, Tioga or Melrose today



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