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Cataract Surgery: A Patient’s Experience

by 352admin 17 December 2015 12:12 PM

The prospect of surgery can raise many concerns. At North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care, we believe the best way to put those fears to rest is hearing from someone who has experienced it firsthand. With that in mind, we offer Phil D.’s story…

Over the course of a few months, Phil started noticing the lights in his home and office seemed dim. He constantly felt like the lenses in his glasses needed cleaning. Before long, he was bumping into the corners of tables, cutting his fingers in the kitchen and even suffered a series of falls. Night driving was also a challenge.

North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care diagnosed Phil with cataracts and reviewed his treatment options. He elected for surgery with Dr. Snodgrass as his physician, saying he’s, “a surgeon with many years of experience with an excellent reputation who does a large number of these surgeries.”

He was meticulously measured for the right intraocular lens replacement.

“The pre-op preparation was simply incredible,” says Phil. “Two obviously well-trained and experienced med techs spent at least two hours independently measuring the specifications for my artificial lenses including talking with me together the better part of a half-hour about the types of artificial lenses to assist me in making my choice of lens.”

Phil underwent cataract surgery with IV anesthesia. He was awake throughout, and describes the surgical procedure itself as, “anticlimactic.” We love hearing that, because it means everything went smoothly and the patient was comfortable from start to finish.

“I was aware enough during the surgeries to realize that Dr. Snodgrass himself prepped my eyes for surgery. The staff in the surgical suite even knew from the pre-op interview that I needed to have my left shoulder supported because of an injury back when I was in high school.”

Phil was home that afternoon, and returned to work the next day. He even read the newspaper that morning.

He later had a second surgery to replace the cataract-affected lens in his other eye, returning his total vision to pre-cataract quality.

Following surgery, Phil never has to worry about developing cataracts again. He’s cataract-free and loving his improved view of the world.

“It is hard to describe the joy that I felt when I walked out of my home the morning after the second surgery and saw the world again as it really is. A real payoff came several mornings later when the weather had cleared and I went outside before daylight to pick up the newspaper. I had forgotten that you can see craters on the face of the moon,” says Phil.

If you or a loved one suffers with cataracts, contact North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care to schedule a consultation.

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