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Gainesville Eye Doctor: What to Look For

by Damion Wasylow 6 October 2016 05:38 AM

What criteria should you use to choose the right eye doctor for your specific needs? Each patient is different, and your unique situation requires answering a series of questions to find the best eye doctor to diagnose and treat your vision problems.

What vision problems do you hope to overcome?

Some eye care practices are capable of diagnosing and treating simple vision challenges, while others are better equipped to handle the full breadth of vision issues. If you’re unsure what is limiting your vision, you’ll want to select a comprehensive ophthalmology practice capable of running all necessary tests to accurately identify the root cause of your vision limitations. 

Could you potentially need surgery?

Many vision issues can be addressed with eyeglasses or cataracts, but others, like cataracts, require surgery to correct. You’ll want to choose an eye care practice that offers comprehensive vision care, including both a full optical department and access to surgical options, in case your vision challenges require that level of intervention. The ideal eye care practice will offer access to a state-of-the-art eye surgery center to ensure all options are available to you.

Is there a practice location near you?

One can’t overstate the importance of convenient access. Traveling miles to your eye physician can preclude you from making regular visits. It’s easy to skip a scheduled appointment if it’s tough to get there. A practice with multiple locations, including one close to you, makes it more likely that you will keep up with follow up visits and maintain your vision care. North Florida Cataract Specialist and Vision Care has offices in Gainesville, Tioga, Lake City and Melrose to make life easy for our patients.

What level of personal service do you expect?

There are a lot of national eyeglass shops out there. Often, they take a one-size-fits-all approach – come in, order at the counter and they send you on your way. Vision evaluation, diagnosis and treatment should be treated just like any other medical care. At North Florida Cataract Specialist and Vision Care, we treat each patient as an individual. We’ll take time to listen to you and answer you questions before determining the best way to treat your symptoms.

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