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Is it Dry Eye Syndrome or Just Sore Eyes?

by dwasylow 7 March 2016 13:21 PM

If you’re reading this through red, painful, scratchy eyes, you likely wonder if you need medical treatment or if the symptoms can be addressed with over-the-counter remedies. The first clue is the duration and frequency of symptoms.

Anyone can suffer from eye soreness now and then. Sometimes, it’s as simple as an irritant making its way between the eye and the eyelid. Other times, it might be excessive eyestrain from staring at a computer monitor, or the result of environmental factors like dust or smoke. In instances such as these, over-the-counter treatments may provide short-term relief.

When symptoms are severe, or persist or return regularly, however, it’s important to schedule a consultation with your eye doctor. You may have dry eye syndrome, requiring medical care to accurately diagnose and treat.

Dry eye syndrome can be brought on by a number of factors including age, hormonal changes, medications and more. Dry eye symptoms often include stinging or burning, scratchiness, grittiness and excessive tearing, among others.

One of the most common causes of dry eye syndrome is meibomian gland dysfunction. When working properly, meibomian glands that line the rim of the eyelid produce oil that mixes with naturally occurring tear liquid to coat and protect the eye. These glands can become blocked, however, disrupting the composition of tear film and leading to dry eye irritation.

At Gainesville Eye Physicians, we offer LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation to treat meibomian gland dysfunction. Lipiflow is an FDA-approved therapy that takes just 12 minutes to administer in the office. It uses mild heat and gentle pressure to liquefy clogged oils and removes them from the glands, often providing dry eye relief for up to two years.

If you or a loved one suffers with dry eyes, contact Gainesville Eye Physicians today for a diagnostic appointment. We’ll evaluate your dry symptoms and recommend a course of treatment to bring you long-lasting relief.

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