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What is a Femtosecond Laser for Cataract Surgery?

by Damion Wasylow 24 May 2017 02:10 AM

If you’re considering laser-assisted surgery to correct cataracts, you may have heard the term “femtosecond laser” and wondered what exactly that is. Admittedly, physicians sometimes casually use words that aren’t familiar to most people. So, let’s explore this one.

What is a femtosecond laser?

Without getting too complicated, lasers are essentially high-energy, focused light beams used for a variety of applications, including medical procedures. A femtosecond laser produces light pulses so brief they have to be measured in “femtoseconds,” which translates to trillionths of a second. So, the femtosecond identifier is really just a technical designation. 

How is a femtosecond laser used for cataract surgery?

Femtosecond lasers are the key elements in some of the world’s finest laser-assisted cataract surgery systems. In these systems, computer-guided femtosecond lasers are used to make fine incisions with pinpoint accuracy. An ultrasonic energy-emitting probe then emulsifies (break ups and liquefies) the cataract-damaged lens, so it can be removed and replaced with an intraocular lens implant.

The precision offered by these laser-assisted cataract surgical systems cannot be matched. LenSx also requires less ultrasonic energy to break up the affected lens, resulting in less trauma to the eye and fewer trauma-related side effects.

Of course, having the right tools is one thing, knowing how to use them successfully is even more important.

Is there an experienced femtosecond laser cataract surgeon in Gainesville?

Yes, Dr. Gregory Snodgrass was the area’s first ophthalmologist to use the LenSx laser-assisted cataract surgery system. He has been an eye doctor in Gainesville for 30 years, and conducted more than 20,000 cataract surgeries in that time. He is well known as one of the area’s premier ophthalmologists, combining advanced skills, state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience to deliver outstanding results. 

Even if you have already talked to another cataract surgeon, it may be a good idea to get a second opinion in order to fully understand your options. Dr. Snodgrass and the North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care team will gladly review your cataract symptoms and answer any questions you may have, so you can make an informed decision about your cataract treatment.

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