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Cataract Surgery Procedure: Benefits of Laser-Assisted

by Damion Wasylow 2 January 2019 09:07 AM

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Millions of people around the world have regained their vision thanks to cataract surgery. In the U.S. alone, more than three million successful cataract surgeries are performed each year, placing it among the nation’s safest and most effective surgical procedures.

The advent of laser-assisted cataract surgical methods nearly a decade ago took the procedure to the next level, providing patients an even better way to put cataracts behind them for the rest of their lives. The benefits of laser-assisted versus traditional cataract surgery are substantial, and should be weighed when considering your surgical options.

Improved Precision

Laser-assisted surgical technology like the LenSx system allows the surgeon to capture high-resolution images, detailed measurements and other data used to perform the surgery. With the system’s precise mapping of the patient’s eye surfaces, the surgeon identifies the ideal location for the incision. The surgeon then uses the computer-guided laser to make a tiny incision in the eye surface. All of this is accomplished with pinpoint accuracy. The remaining steps of the procedure are completed through this incision, and the procedure is completely pain-free.

Faster, Pain-Free Recovery

With traditional cataract surgery, patients often experience a few days of discomfort in and around the eye. They may also experience blurred vision, mild headache, feelings of grittiness and itchy or sticky eye. The severity and duration of those side effects is greatly diminished with laser-assisted cataract surgery. While patients may have some cloudy or blurred vision, and potentially some redness, the risk of more serious side effects is less than 0.5%. Patients often report improved vision before even leaving the recovery room.

Long-term Prognosis

Whether you choose traditional or laser-assisted, cataract surgery is a permanent solution. The natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens, and that means it will never again be susceptible to cataracts. Cataract surgery has an overall 98% success rate. 

In Gainesville, Dr. Gregory Snodgrass has performed more than 20,000 successful cataract surgeries, and was the first local surgeon to use the LenSx laser cataract surgical system. If you or a loved one is suffering from cataracts, contact North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care today to schedule a consultation.



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