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When is it Time to Get Prescription Eyeglasses?

by Damion Wasylow 14 January 2020 04:14 AM

optometrist helping young woman with new glasses
Most people know it’s a good idea to see their medical doctor for regular check-ups and their dentist for routine cleanings, but too few people include eye doctor visits as part of their health maintenance routine. As a result, emerging vision problems are often overlooked until they produce physical symptoms that force one to admit their eyes aren’t working like they used to.

If that sounds like you, here are five indications it’s likely time for you to get prescription eyeglasses...

1. Blurred vision when reading small text

Having trouble reading the instructions on pill bottles or text on your phone screen? Are you nearing or past age 40? It could be presbyopia, a natural condition that often comes with age. As the eye lens becomes thicker, it can no longer flex to focus as it once did. A pair of prescription eyeglasses can help.

2. Difficulty seeing things far away

If you’ve been inching your chair closer and closer to the TV, it’s probably time for you to look into getting eyeglasses. Frustrations with clearly seeing object more than arms-length away are common and often easily correctable with prescription eyeglasses.

3. Eyestrain or tired eyes

Eyestrain can be short-term, specifically related to a unique task you’re engaged in, but when it’s recurring and frequent, wearing eyeglasses may help. Your eye doctor can prescribe eyeglasses for specific activities, such as for computer use or reading, to help reduce your eyestrain symptoms. 

4. Frequent headaches

Overexertion of the eyes can produce headaches, particularly if they are working to overcome some underlying issue. In some cases, misalignment of the eyes or imbalance in visual acuity – and the body’s efforts to compensate for it – can produce frequent headaches that may be confused for sinus or tension headaches. In these cases, prescription eyeglasses can deliver relief.

5. Difficulty with night vision

Seeing halos around oncoming headlights and/or general trouble discerning enough visual detail at night are strong indicators you could benefit from prescription eyeglasses. In some cases, these symptoms could also point to more concerning eye diseases including diabetic retinopathy and cataracts

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, or if you just want to start including eye care as part of your standard healthcare routine, contact North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care today. Our expert and friendly optometrists and ophthalmologists can help diagnose your individual vision needs and prescribe the treatment that’s right for you. If that treatment includes prescription eyeglasses, our practice features two convenient full-service optical shops. 

Call us today at 352-373-4300 to schedule an appointment.



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