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Child Struggling in School? Vision Problems May be to Blame

by Damion Wasylow 7 August 2022 11:08 AM

child getting a comprehensive eye exam
Unsure why your child’s struggling in the classroom? It could very well be vision issues. Nationwide, an estimated 175,000 preschoolers have common, yet untreated, vision problems, and 95% of first grade non-readers have significant vision issues. These challenges can continue for years, stifling children’s learning and frustrating children, parents and teachers alike.

Evidence of Undiagnosed Vision Disorders Leading to Poor Academic Performance

A study of kindergarten and first grade students found a strong correlation between poor vision and poor performance on standardized tests. Another study, this time of seventh graders, confirmed the ongoing impact of poor vision, finding that non-proficient readers at this age were much more likely to suffer from poor vision.

The data all points to this: if a child has poor vision, they’ll be less proficient in reading and more likely to underachieve at all levels of academics compared to their peers. Vision and the ability to confidently participate in class are critical for a child to excel in school at any age. 

With vision problems being so common, it’s important that every child receives a comprehensive eye exam going into the school year. 

Downsides of Poor Vision in School

Vision plays a crucial role in learning. Children may have multiple undiagnosed vision issues, such as challenges with eye tracking, eye teaming, depth perception and hand-eye coordination. Any of these issues can negatively impact a child’s school performance due to:

  • Inability to read the chalkboard, whiteboard or slideshows
  • Difficulty reading worksheets, assignments and books
  • Issues focusing on computer or laptop screens
  • Headaches or other issues when reading
  • Issues participating in hand-eye coordination activities, such as those experienced during recess

Poor vision also makes children feel discouraged in the classroom. Children with undetected vision problems often shy away from raising their hand or presenting in front of the classroom. Over the long-term, a child may fall drastically behind on their coursework, making it almost impossible to reach the same academic level as their peers. 

At North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care we offer complete eye care for the whole family, including comprehensive eye exams for children and teens, to help ensure your child’s vision never has a negative impact on their education.

Contact us today at 352-373-4300 to schedule your child’s eye exam and set them up for success in this school year and beyond.



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