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Cataract Surgery for Active Lifestyles: What Athletes and Adventurers Need to Know

by Damion Wasylow 20 September 2023 19:58 PM

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Cataract surgery is more than just about clear vision; it’s about restoring your quality of life. An estimated 24.4 million Americans, 40 and older, have cataracts. Nearly 1-in-10 adults have cataracts, and the rate increases dramatically for people over age 75.

Whether you’re 40 or 75, if you have cataracts, surgery can enhance your quality of life, especially if you’re active.

How Cataract Surgery Improves an Active Lifestyle

Cataracts typically cause blurred vision. It may not be bad at first, but it continually worsens. You may be able to get through by simply wearing eyeglasses in the beginning. Of course, even then, if you regularly enjoy swimming, jogging, biking or playing sports, you may find wearing glasses to be inconvenient during those activities.

For an active person, correcting cloudy vision is life-changing, as it helps:

  1. Improve your game if you play sports
  2. Reduce the risk of trips and falls
  3. Make life more pleasurable as you age

Additionally, if you play sports, you’ll likely improve your game the moment that you can see clearer. Imagine the impact of being able to track the ball more clearly, whether your game is baseball, softball, pickleball, you name it, the ability to see your environment and the ball better will take your game to the next level.

Benefits of Cataract Surgery for Anyone with an Active Lifestyle

For people with active lifestyles, cataract surgery is truly liberating, allowing them to fully explore their hobbies just as they did before cloudy vision limited their freedom and enjoyment. Patients who opt for cataract surgery benefit from:

  • Vision that matches their lifestyle once again. Age will creep up on all of us, but we can take measures to maintain our eyesight and quality of life.
  • Seeing longer distances without glasses or contacts. You may be able to see the trail you’re walking on better, react faster to obstacles in your way during a run and revisit activities you stopped pursuing.
  • Reducing your risk of a trip or fall. When your vision is clear, you can see potential safety hazards clearly.

If you didn’t need glasses prior to developing cataracts, following cataract surgery, you may be able to discontinue wearing eyeglasses entirely, and in all aspects of your life. Everything from driving to putting on makeup to reading a book may once again be done glasses-free. Patients are often shocked that they’re able to stop wearing their glasses and return to clearly seeing at a range of distances following cataract surgery.

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