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Gainesville Dry Eye Treatment

Providing Relief from Dry Eye Symptoms

North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care serves Gainesville and all of North Central Florida with the best dry eye diagnosis and finest care available. Through our Dry Eye Center of Excellence, our specially trained team helps patients identify the root causes of their dry eye symptoms, and delivers proven treatments for dry eye relief.

The causes and symptoms of dry eye syndrome are varied, requiring specialized expertise to identify the best course of treatment. At North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care, we apply a variety of diagnostic tests to determine each patient’s dry eye needs. These tests include everything from evaluating the salinity (saltiness) of tear film to recording a close up video of eye function.

One of the most common causes of dry eye syndrome is meibomian gland dysfunction. When meibomian glands are blocked or otherwise impaired, they don’t provide critical oils to lubricate the eye surface, and evaporative dry eye disease can result. In these instances, Lipiflow treatment often provides patients fast, long-lasting relief.

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