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Lake City Cataract Surgery

Laser and Traditional Cataract Surgery Options

If you’re suffering with cataract symptoms, North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care may be able to help you see clearly again. We offer traditional and laser-assisted cataract surgery options to replace your cataract-affected lens with a clear, new intraocular lens implant.

Cataracts are often a natural effect of aging. If your vision begins to diminish or blur as you get older, it’s time to schedule a cataract screening. You may also experience lens discoloration, double vision, light sensitivity or halos.

Correcting cataracts always requires surgery. There is no other effective treatment option. Cataracts break down the natural eye lens, requiring implantation of an artificial lens to return normal vision.

Laser-assisted cataract surgery is the best option for most patients. Laser surgery produces less eye trauma, allowing for a pain-free, stitch-free procedure and quicker recovery. Many patients report improved vision before even leaving the recovery room.

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