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Lake City Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Relief for Columbia County

If you live in Lake City, and suffer from dry eyes, you can now enjoy the finest care available through our Dry Eye Center for Excellence. North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care launched this specialty segment of our practice to bring relief to patients throughout North Central Florida.

Our specially trained physicians and staff understand the underlying causes of dry eye syndrome, and conduct state-of-the-art tests including tear composition analysis, enzyme screening and more to diagnose your specific dry eye needs.

A common cause of dry eye symptoms is meibomian gland dysfunction. When meibomian glands along the rim of the eyelids fail to produce adequate lipids to lubricate the eye surface, evaporative dry eye disease may result. For many patients, this can be addressed with Lipiflow, an in-office treatment that uses warmth and mild pressure to unclog meibomian glands and restore normal function.

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