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Low Vision Treatment and Aids

For Patients with Significant Visual Impairment

couple with low vision using magnifying device

Low vision is significant impairment that cannot be fully corrected with traditional eyeglasses, contacts, medication or surgery. Our practice regularly diagnoses and treats patients with low vision, allowing them to regain independence and enjoy improved quality of life.

Low vision care generally includes the use of low vision aids – special lens systems that magnify or illuminate to improve functional vision. We offer many top-of-the-line low vision solutions from industry-leader, Eschenbach.

These aids include:

• Hand-held Magnifiers: Ideal for tasks such as reading menus, price tags, maps or prescription bottles.

• Stand Magnifiers: Great for tasks like reading books, magazines or newspaper articles.

• Spectacle Magnifiers: Hands-free solution that makes reading books, letters and newspapers easier.

• Absorptive Filters: Reduce glare and improve contrast to make viewing more comfortable. Assist with night driving and reduce eye strain.

• Telescopic Vision Aids: Used for distance viewing, such as watching TV, and close-up tasks like hobby work.

• Video Magnifiers: Provide extended magnification and allow for varying contrast modes.

Low vision care will not restore lost sight. Instead, it helps patients maximize their remaining functional vision, in order to overcome the handicapping effects of their visual impairment.

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