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Cataract Surgery in Melrose

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More than 22 million Americans suffer from cataracts, often experiencing reduced or blurred vision, lens discoloration, double vision, light sensitivity and/or halos. Slowly robbing patients of their vision, cataracts have a serious impact on overall quality of life.

Surgery is the only effective treatment for cataracts. Surgically replacing the damaged lens with a new artificial lens ensures cataracts can never come back, and laser-assisted cataract surgery is more precise than traditional surgical techniques, requiring less recovery time and delivering outstanding outcomes for a variety of patients.

You don’t have to live with cataract symptoms. Our specialists at North Florida Cataract Specialists and Vision Care can evaluate your cataract progression to determine if surgery is the right choice for you. We will then review your surgical options with, discuss the pros and cons and answer any questions you have.

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